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Tail Grass Seeds Bonsai Ornamental

Tail Grass Seeds Bonsai Ornamental

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Tail Grass Seeds Bonsai Ornamental - ca. 100 frø

The following is the cultivation of guidance.

  1. The soil into the pot, leveling, water,
  2. Then the seeds evenly sprinkled on the above,
  3. And then covered with a thin layer of soil,
  4. It is best not to let the seeds exposed to the outside of the soil,
  5. Every day to observe the soil, dry in the soil and then watering,
  6. Pay attention to avoid sun exposure.

Full-bloom Period: None
Type: Herbs
Applicable Constellation: Pisces
Flowerpot: Excluded
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Function: Beautifying
Classification: Novel Plant
Use: Outdoor Plants
Style: Annual
Climate: Temperate
Location: Courtyard
Model Number: Rare rabbit tail grass seeds
Size: Mini,Small,Medium
Product Type: Bonsai
Variety: Rabbit tail grass seeds
Seeds: Rabbit tail grass seeds
Home & garden: Bonsai
Plants , plantas: Pot flowers
Home: Sementes ,seeds
Jardin , garden: Flowers for rooms
Rare mixed seed: Flowers for the garden
Roses , orchid: Flower seeds
Cucumbers , pepper: Seeds Vegetables

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