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Sprial Grass Flower Seeds Succulents plant

Sprial Grass Flower Seeds Succulents plant

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Sprial Grass Flower Seeds Succulents plant - ca. 100 frø

Ramets, seeding of spring grass breeding methods available.

Ramets: Fall Huanpen can be combined by placing the big bulbs sprouted around the small bulb broke off separately planted in culture soil, regardless of the root can survive without roots.

Seeding: This method is suitable for the large population in the autumn after sowing covered with thin soil, cover glass, to keep the soil moist air, with high germination rate. After planting and seedling stage to avoid watering the seeds or seedlings out of the soil, it should be used "Yin irrigation" method of watering the flower pots on the basin in the moisture slowly from the drainage holes in the bottom of the pots Yin wet soil.

Brand Name: Mesprout
Product Type: Bonsai
Use: Indoor Plants
Classification: Novel Plant
Full-bloom Period: Summer
Type: Foliage Plants
Flowerpot: Excluded
Location: Living Room
Function: Air Purification
Size: Mini,Small,Medium
Applicable Constellation: Aries
Variety: Flower
Climate: Subtropics
Style: Perennial
Model Number: YUNHONG
Product Type: Bonsai

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