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Rabbit Shape Bonsai Plants Seeds

Rabbit Shape Bonsai Plants Seeds

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Rabbit Shape Bonsai Plants Seeds - ca. 100 frø

Monilaria obconica long a bit like a rabbit's ears, so a lot of friends also called the rabbit bunny Monilaria obconica, when the spring comes, the temperature reached 5 degrees, Monilaria obconica will slowly wake up.

This time can irrigate, Monilaria obconica not afraid of water, soil permeability, dry and drenched on it. Monilaria obconica root system is well developed, it is recommended to spend Friends of the deep point of pots raised.

Because Monilaria obconica needs a lot of water, if the stem is too much, the two heads will hang down, water will be restored, March is a good season for their growth, growing very fast.

Monilaria obconica to avoid strong direct sunlight, because Monilaria obconica temperature sensitive, the temperature is too high will slowly yellow, and to dormant look, pay attention to the sun can be, the temperature will exceed 35 degrees, the whole Plants slowly withered into dormancy.

Dormancy Monilaria obconica do not use water, this time do not think they are dead, the plant will be left big soybeans, withered, placed in a cool and ventilated place can be safe summer.

To the end of September the temperature drops, you can once again restore growth, Monilaria obconica can give the flood, to avoid light, 0 degrees will sleep, water until the temperature rise.

Brand Name: Mesprout
Product Type: Bonsai
Size: Small,Medium
Climate: Temperate
Use: Indoor Plants
Style: Perennial
Flowerpot: Excluded
Classification: Novel Plant
Full-bloom Period: Spring
Location: Office Desks
Type: Succulent Plant
Model Number: Monilaria Obconica
Function: Interest
Applicable Constellation: Aquarius
Variety: Flower
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Product Type: Bonsai
Type1: Tropical
Type2: Exotic
Type3: Rare
Planta: Plante

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