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Multicolor Clematis Climbing plants frø

Multicolor Clematis Climbing plants frø

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Multicolor Clematis Climbing plants frø - ca. 50 frø.

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Applications: Farm, balcony, roof, garden, patio, pot

Planting instructions:
Sowing seed germination to be processed. First seed with 40 Celsius warm water 24h, remove and control dry, stuffy kind germination, the seeds to be most "spit white" can be planted.

General northern suitable sowing period of early April, the southern suitable sowing early March.

Fine soil before planting, to flat terrain, soil crushing. Then hit the ridge Zuoqi, furrow length 6m, width 4m. Clematis usually drilling, spacing 50 ~ 60cm, Goushen 2cm, after sowing casing, thickness 1.5cm, slightly suppressed.

Brand Name: YHNOO
Classification: Happy Farm
Function: Beautifying
Size: Mini,Small,Medium
Type: Blooming Plants
Variety: Flower
Climate: Subtropics
Full-bloom Period: Autumn
Flowerpot: Excluded
Applicable Constellation: Leo
Use: Outdoor Plants
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Location: Living Room
Style: Perennial
Product Type: Bonsai

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