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4 rums opbevarings æske med alarm

4 rums opbevarings æske med alarm

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Inklusive skat. Levering beregnes ved betaling.

Pille / Vitamin opbevarings boks hvor der kan indstilles en alarm, så du bliver påmindet om, at nu er det tid til at tage dine piller.

Der medfølger ikke batterier (Der skal bruges CR2025)

How to use:

  1. Before opening the battery door, removed the insulation sheet
  2. Be sure to set the clock first adjusted to be consistent with the current time
  3. Set the alarm when the attention, each set up a time that needs to appear by clicking on the ON / OFF button when the bell on behalf of the small screen is set up.
  4. The time can be 12 hours / 24 hours switch:
    Press the ON / OFF button, the display will be AM, is the 12-hour clock, then press the ON / OFF button, AM not, will show 00, is the 24-hour clock
  5. At any time click the ''MEMO'' key issue ''drop'' soon after the first group to successfully set the alarm, the smart chip is to remember that time, after 24 hours at the same time, a rapid alarm sounds will ring for 30 seconds reminder.
  6. 6. tones manually set has four, the first: ''drop'', the second: ''Didi'' .... Fourth: ''bit by bit''
    Sound size is fixed and can not adjust
  7. If the ring setting in turmoil, that all press MEMO key will cancel and re-set the fine. Or go to the next and then transferred to the battery to be.
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