Purple Lily Plant Frø

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Purple Lily Plant Frø

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Purple Lily Plant Frø - ca. 50 frø

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[Cultivation methods]:
Seeding, 3-5 tablets per hole, height 5 cm to be thinning seedlings when required, in order to facilitate growth. Sprinkle fertilizer when the plant height 80 cm, so that the leaves and stems grow sufficiently, the water can not be too wet, so as not to affect plant growth. Plant spacing 40-60CM, height 5CM hours seedlings, plant height to two meters long, followed by desirable plants grew, and the distance to be sparse open, the more lush plants president. Quarterly fertilize once, well watered.
Suitable for warm climates and soil fertility Ottawa moist environment, but must pay attention to timely drainage to avoid root rot caused by long-term water, multi-lateral bud growth topping can contribute, so that the plants flourish.

Brand Name: ShaLaLa
Product Type: Bonsai
Size: Small,Medium
Climate: Temperate
Applicable Constellation: Taurus
Style: Perennial
Flowerpot: Excluded
Classification: Novel Plant
Function: Beautifying
Full-bloom Period: Spring
Model Number: Bonsai plant
Variety: Lily
Use: Outdoor Plants
Location: Courtyard
Type: Herbs
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Product Type: Bonsai

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