Pille Box med 7 rum samt indbygget alarm

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Pille Box
- med 7 rum samt indbygget alarm

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Hvis det er vigtigt at du tager dine piller/vitaminer på bestemte tidspunkter så er dette en mulighed.

7 Grid 7 Day Pill Box Alarm DIY Digital Small Pocket Pill Organizer Timer Travel Case Timing Reminder Medicine Storage Container (English Version)

1. Convenient to carry, ensure hygiene, and remind you to pay the time to ensure that you can take the medicine on time.
2. Health reminder, travel reminder and other auxiliary functions, you can also set the countdown reminder within 24 hours.
3. Set a short reminder of time, so that your life will be in good order and become an indispensable health ''good nurse'' around you.
4. Can be placed in the pocket of the clothes, usually go to work, study, travel can be brought around.

Color: iridescence
Product size: 11*11*2cm/4.33*4.33*0.78''
Display size: 2.5*1.4cm/0.98*0.55''
Weight: 113g

1 X Timing Pill Box
1 X User Manual
1 x Battery

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